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it's all in the details...

Tips on choosing your getting ready location & what to pack for detail shots on your wedding day from Stephanie Mason Photography


As a planner, the morning of a wedding day is always a busy time filled with so much excitement. Detail shots are my fav. If I have time the morning of, I love to head to the hotel where the girls are getting ready or I will often ask the bride to pack her details ahead of time to have on site with me to give to the photographer. Styling the details is one of my favorite parts of the day! Working with photographers that I already have a great workflow with makes this such a fun experience and we can often bang out these shots quickly and efficiently. Some photographers are definitely more into detail shots than others, so if this is important to you, make sure to be looking for that when booking your wedding photographer! The detail shots really do fill your wedding album with beauty. 


I was recently chatting with Steph, from Stephanie Mason Photography, and asked her if she wanted to collaborate for this blog post because this is obviously her area of expertise. Below, she has given a few tips for what to pack for details and also for choosing your getting ready space! 

Steph and I often work weddings together, we are also the best of friends and practice styling and flat lays often (because we really do love it!). When we work weddings together, we often set aside time in the timeline so that before or after set up, I can pop in and style with her. It is so fun to get creative with the details, and with every wedding being so different, there's always something special to capture. We've seen everything from DIY ice cream cone bridal shoes, to gorgeous ring boxes, sentimental pieces, etc. 


"I always tell my brides to pack their details in a bag in advance, to ensure nothing is forgotten!"

Once on site the morning of, she grabs her flatlay board and finds a clear space by the window to shoot. Light/windows in the getting ready space is KEY for light and airy getting ready photos with your girls. 



Not sure what to have set aside for your photographer for the morning of? 

Rings - we like to shoot the rings before the day gets started, so that they are in the appropriate place before the ceremony and then after the ceremony, the rings do not leave the couples’ fingers for the remainder of the day!

Paper Suite - invitation, save the dates, maps, envelopes, vow books, vintage stamps - the more the merrier to complete the paper suite flatlay shot.

Extra flowers - talk with your florist to have her drop off any extra blooms to the getting ready room with the bouquets so the planner or photographer can use them in the detail shots.

Jewelry - earrings, bracelets; anything that sparkles always photographs beautifully. 

Shoes - shoes are usually our favourite detail to shoot! gosh, there are SO many amazing bridal shoes available now... how would you choose?!

Heirloom Pieces - these pieces are often the most sentimental and very special to include in your wedding album.


Tips for choosing your getting ready space

Pick a location that is spacious and full of natural light - windows in the getting ready space is a must, corner rooms are often best because the light is coming in from more than one direction, creating a soft light that makes everyone look amazing!

Less is more - it's your wedding morning, your girls and mama/closest family are with you drinking champagne, but remember to keep numbers down. "too many people in the room can clutter the shot."

Keep the room clean - have your bags packed away, hangers hidden in closets and trash thrown out before the photographers arrive. 

Have all of your details in one spot - hence Steph's tip above to have a bag of your details you want photographed - it saves the photographers time upon arrival. have a special hanger for your dress? have one of your bridesmaids hang up your wedding dress and check to see if anything needs to be steamed last minute. 

The boys - don't forget the guys, although they take significantly less time getting ready, it's nice if the photographer can grab a few group shots of them hanging out, having a drink. "we always ask that the groomsmen be fully dressed, and for the groom to be dressed in his pants and unbuttoned shirt upon arrival. therefore we can grab shots of the groom buttoning his shirt, tying his tie, putting on his cufflinks, etc." 

Enjoy the moment - IT'S YOUR WEDDING DAY! the candid shots are the ones you're going to love the most, so pop the champagne and enjoy your time with your loved ones. 


If you're a detail oriented bride, we'd love to hear what you have planned for your wedding morning! 

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