getting to know "me"!

Hey guys!

Let me just start off by saying wow, I am SO excited to finally have a blog. I have been talking about writing a blog for the past year and now with my business, it is just the perfect combination. One thing I will try to promise, is to always keep it real as I can - life isn't rainbows and butterflies 24/7 and personally, I find it refreshing when people are just open about their struggles or bad days. I also love hearing about people's success and creating amazing friendships with other industry lovelies. It's awesome to belong to a community of boss babes and be able to support each other.

So as many of you know, I am the owner of Styled with Love. Launching my business this past summer has been the most exciting adventure for me! I'll talk more about why I decided to follow my passion and get started in the wedding industry in a separate post. For now, keep reading to get to know me a little bit better!

-I’m from a small town in Nova Scotia

-I took an undergrad in Human Kinetics and a graduate diploma in Sport Business (neither of which I am currently using)

-I have an X ring from STFX University … yes it’s kind of a cult

-I hate coffee, even though every morning I say “oh I need a coffee” – a café mocha counts right?!

-Ringolos & pretzels ruin Party Mix… (but it’s still my favorite party snack)

-Being newly single & starting in the wedding industry is a little ironic, but I love, love and truly believe that everything happens for a reason

-One of my dreams is to go on a missions/serving trip. I would also love to adopt a child someday.

-I used to strongly dislike country music but after working the Calgary Stampede for 3 years, I am now OBSESSED and country music festivals are my favorite.

Didn't wanna get too in depth for my first post but I'm always open to tips & suggestions on what you guys would love to read!!